A trip to Wrocław


It was no surprise that Wrocław is named the best European Destination 2018. I was well surprised by the beauty and the architecture through out the city. I spent around 3 days in the city, visited almost many pubs and participated in two tours through the city.

The city welcomed me with all the small dwarfs all around the city and luckily I was present on the days when Wrocław celebrated European Food Festival.

Here are some of the beautiful images I saved for you guys!



European Event:

Waiting – a part of our lives


“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act” – Paulo Coelho

Waiting near the traffic signal I began searching for an idea for this challenge. How foolish am I?


Then I found not myself but another car waiting at the same time, thinking of why I am taking this picture, I guess. I just wondered how many people wait at traffic signals in a day? Wierd but it is a fact..

Picture for the challenge this week. 🙂