Practical Experience


During my Masters in Germany

Position:  Design Intern – IAV GmbH, Germany  – July ’16 – Dec ’16
     “Design and Construction of Test Rig for an Innovative Heating System for Hybrid and Electrical Cars”

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Objective: Test Rig for an Innovative Heating Concept – IAV GmbH – July ’16 – Dec ’16
Achievement: Successful tests on Test Bench leading to further steps in the project along with a conference paper in VDI Wissenforum (On Tuesday , 15th Novemeber 2016 at 10:40 AM) Link
Software: CREO, Trace Pro
Skills Acquired: Test Bench Setup, Hands on experience in Mechanical assembly (i.e Drilling, Effect of design setup on Assembly), Knowledge on German market for materials, Testing on Test Rigs, Data acquisition and analysis.

Position:  Mechanical Design Intern – Elmontia A.S, Czech Republic  – Oct ’15 – Mar ’16
     “Design of Air Filters using Autodesk Inventor”


Objective: OPRA Air Filter Design Project – ELMONTIA- Oct ’15 – Mar ’16
Achievement: Designed a Universal Air Filter with required specifications
Software: Autodesk Inventor
Skills Acquired: 2D Drawings, 3D Drawings, OPRA Air Filter Design, Bill of Materials, Welding Notations, Cutting Plan, Platform for Air Filter Design, Enclosement Design

 Position:   College Project for Advanced 3D Design- EAH Jena –  March ’15 – July ’15
     “Design of Bicycle Pump using Autodesk Inventor”

Maximum Pressure 5 Bar – Manual Hand Pump

Objective: To design a Hand Pump for Bicycle with Maximum Pressure of 6 Bar
Achievement: Scored 1.7 in the Project
Software: Autodesk Inventor
Skills Acquired: Design using Autodesk Inventor

During Bachelors of Technology: 

Position:  Thesis Student at Vijayawada Power Station, Thermal Power Plant – Jan ’13 – Mar ’13
     “Design and Modeling of 210 MW Pulverized Boiler using CATIA and MATLab”


Objective:  To Continue the design of Pulverized Boiler left by the previous Intern and then also participate in Modelling of the Boiler in Matlab.
Achievement:  Designed the Boiler as per the previous Interns Idea and then participated to observe Insulation Control, Leakages and outside environment effects on Boiler.
Skills Acquired:  Knowledge of Boiler, Knowledge of using Matlab and various losses to be controlled for a boiler.

Position:  Project Trainee at South Central Railways, Overhaul Station – July ’12 – Aug’12
    “Centre Buffer Coupling (CBC) design using CATIA & A New Layout OF CBC using AutoCAD”.
Objective:  To Modify a design of Center Buffer Coupling using CATIA according to the Supervisors. Later, design a layout for CBC using AutoCAD skills.
Achievement:  The Design was modified as requested and Later designed a New Station considering environment disturbances, time lag and idle time in Auto-CAD, Was able to improve the design after the second version decreasing the Time Lag by 3 mins and improving the Employer Safety and decreasing the fatigue load on them.
Skills Acquired:  Knowledge of Operations Research, Automobiles and designing Layouts using Auto-CAD.

 Position:  Project Trainee at LANCO, Gas Power Plant – May’12 – June’12
Working of Overall Plant Layout and Water flow analysis using P & IDs”.


Objective:  To study about each and every part of the plant to have overall idea about the working, their maintenance and various equipment installed to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient performance of the plant. And later Understand and calculate the Water Flow losses and Document it for verification.
Achievement:  Documented all the Losses in Water Flow which met the standards and was 85% Accurate. I have also suggested a simple procedure to reduce the losses by .8%.
Skills Acquired:  Knowledge of Fluid Mechanics, Power Production using Gas Input, Integration of Electrical, Mechanical together in Control Systems, Using P & IDs for Drawing

During One Year while waiting for my Masters Admit 

Position: Soccer Team Leader at SPORTS195 India Pvt. Services Ltd.- Aug ’13 – Dec ’13
Objective:  Lead the Soccer Updates Team, Update Profiles, Generate News and provide Live Scores online for UEFA Champions League, Europa League, FIFA World Cup and Russian Premier League.
Achievement:  Was Promoted to Trainer for leading the team well and working accurately.
Skills Acquired:  Leaderships Skills, Website Maintenance, HTML Coding and Profile Management.

Position:  Trainer at SPORTS195 India Pvt. Services Ltd.- Jan ’14 – Oct ’14
Objective:  Provide Training to Employees about the Website Maintenance and Creation along with discussing about different Sports, Retrain them by explaining the new changes in the Website, Prepare Training Documentation, Prepare Presentations and deliver the presentation.
Achievement:  Delivered Training to 350 New Employees, Retrained Employees in the Floor, Was Congratulated by Australian Head Robin Smith and CEO Robert Petty along with Indian and US Team for good Documentation and Presentations. Was additionally requested to handle Commonwealth Games, Nanjing Youth Olympics which are another Big Hit! and included me into the Board of Members.
Skills Acquired:  Presentation Skills, Documentation Skills.