Vijay Mallya, King of all times! We will remember you!!



Dear Vijay Mallya,


From Sahara Force India to Royal Challengers Bangalore,

From Signature to White Mischief,

From Kingfisher Airlines to Beautiful Kingfisher Calendar Girls,

From National Working President to Rajya Sabha Member,

From auction purchases of Tipu Sultan Swords to the belongings of Gandhi,

You make us feel proud.



But from the last two to three weeks,

We have seen people blame you as an Absconder,

We have seen people complain about unpaid salaries,

I believe you will bring back the lost Playboy of East,

And the song “Ula La La La Le yo.. Ula La La La Le yo”


Let the people Aim swords at you ignoring everything you brought to India,

Let the great critics slam you forgetting the favours of accommodation, 

Let the Nethas point fingers at you failing to credit you for your help,

But we will remember you as you will prove them wrong soon,

After all, You are king of good times!


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